This sheet is the official index of downloadable, free, original music by Fractal Cat, aka Mystica Colonica Puppet Games, Agent Obnoxious, 23 MPH, Miles Gannet, etc. While his music has a distinct tendency to defy definition, this selection could tentatively be said to smell of a decent mish-mash of experimental, underground, psychedelic, ambient, trance, industrial, gothic, jungle, hip-hop, trip-hop, and/or techno styles.

The fruits of Fractal Cat's expirimentations with the Impulse Tracker personal computer music module tracking program, these songs are presented in compressed IT 2.14 file format. As may be obvious, the Impulse Tracker program (v2.14 or later) is the ideal module player for listening to these songs, and is available for free download at the Impulse Tracker Home Page. Though Impulse Tracker, a DOS program, is as yet the only module player that can reliably accurately interpret IT files at optimum fidelity, ModPlug is for the most part a tolerable and convenient though imperfect substitute for Windows users that also supports playlists. Not even that highly recomended is WinAmp, though it also runs in Windows with playlists, a number of visual accompaniments, and compatibility with a wide range of audio formats; it's IT interpritations are rather hack, and it has a tendency to freeze up on them as well. This has improved over the years, but some of Miles' files get a bit absurdly intense, as he pushed ITs limits before the release of its much more modern spiritual successor, Renoise.

Fractal Cat used Impulse Tracker as more of a digital music sequencing and recording program than as a tracker of modules with public distribution within the internet's MOD scene on his mind, so his IT's tend to be a bit larger than the typical MOD, but they are worth the download, and still put MP3's to shame. Many assumptions about modules, computer music, music in general, and even reality are repeatedly harrassed and assaulted by the diseased mind of this here skuzzy bird Miles Gannet. Though his musical mannipulations go well beyond the computer terminal, we find his modules to be no more or less "music" than any of his other recording endevours, especially when played through a nice sound system.

While all of the recordings available at this site are the copyrighted (© 1995-2000) property of thier respective creators, they are offered here as free and public domain authorized for any NON-commercial use you might have for them. It is only asked that each file is shared and distributed unaltered and in it's current entirety. Remixes are encouraged, just be sure to give credit to the original artists and please send us a copy. Anyone greatly enjoying this music is encouraged to share it with thier friends, link to it from any page they might have, and inquire about the availability of tapes and/or CDs of other music by thee Fractal Cat and the rest of the Cytoplastic Ninja Clan.

Miles can be contacted on facebook, and would most likely be interested in anything you'd have to tell him. He currently resides within the dreaded Columbiabubble of the Maryland of the beautifully corrupt and laughably free, yet never the less United States of America (please forgive) and is a regular denizen of Thee Lake, an original member of the Cytoplastik Ninja Clan, and 50% of Thee Psychic Enema. His latest projects are a full live retro-psychedelic "pop"-folk-rock band which has taken over the name Fractal Cat (very early on, this project was occasionally referred to as "The Pennies"), less recently an experimental electronic / psychedelic / ambient / IDM project called Zeug which evolved from the electronic psychedelic ambient rock / jazz band Lorem Ipsum, but if you are looking for more of, and some of his later, more developed far-out electonic IT based computer music, these days this stuff is usually referred to as Thee Mystica Colonica, which has additional (mostly MP3) downloads available from his two self-released CDs, all from the late 90's - early 2000's. And be sure to miss the Miles Gannett Fan Club! (no affiliation, beware of evil, now archived) He would like to thank you for supporting his music, and wish you good luck swimming and enjoy the music.

Song Length Size(KB) Dscript
The Beating of Wallencheck@ 5:00 188 woo-hah!
India (Techno Mix) 3:55 945 haunting, melodic, hard techno
MGKM3= 11:47 1,169 phat ass techno, goes everywhere, bassey, old skool
Perforator (Terminal Malfunction Mix)$ 3:48 1,459 agressive industrial/hardcore techno
Intestines% 5:50 1,608 mad psychedelic intestinal voyage
Mankind, God is Laughing 8:14 2,038 pathalogical gothic/industrial jungle trance
American Catholic@ 4:52 2,919 bible-billy techno fun
Thank You Mephistopheles (Struck and Torn Mix)+ 4:01 3,102 daemonic metal song remix, industrial
Bunnies Ride the Dragon Train% 5:00 3,220 eerie, intense, silly, odd, bouncy
Particular Kind of Madness (Space-Time Anomaly Mix)&% 6:16 3,278 alarmingly sanity breaking madness
Homunculus 6:25 3,392 scarry, hard industrial madness
Lucid Dreamer 7:40 3,406 ambient, gothic, industrial, psychedelic hip-hop
External Stimuli 6:44 4,350 intense, funky mind-fuck
Tree ov Life / Babies#% 3:47 4,893 Quabalistic, psychedelic spirit jungle

= : By Fractal Cat and DJ Romulus.
& : Remixed by DJ Romulus.
$ : Original by Indigo and DJ Romulus, remixed by Fractal Cat.
@ : Sounds nasty unless played on Impulse Tracker.
+ : Original song written by Chris Judge, performed by Mister Maggot, remixed by Fractal Cat.
# : Visual acompaniment visible only when played on Impulse Tracker.
% : Was included (with many more) on his self-released CD "The Cosmic Yo-Yo" in the late 90's.

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