Thee Beginning is the End
Mystica Colonica's prophetic origins in the cycle of cosmic death and rebirth.
Children of Thee Bubble
ExperiMental freaks of a sick psychosocial process revolt against their prison.
Discography + Download (MP3, IT MODule)
Mystica Colonica: Songs of a Strange Nature
.....Strange.....and now with skuzzier bits of wild mushroom! Natural rhythms ov inter-dimensional flux. Apocatrypgnossis. Demon jazz from the astral plane.
Mystica Colonica: The Cosmic Yo-Yo and Puppet Remix Game
Documenting the fermentation of psychedelic influences. Astral cartoon show. An hyper trip through jungles, forests, intestines, on the back of a dragon with a company of bunnies, etc...
Puppet Games: Self-Titled Instructional Version
The breakthrough tape, experimental electro-gothic industrial madness.



As an age comes to an end it's crystallization reveals its own destruction. In its attempt to force manifest its permanence, its universal reality, it sets up within itself the inherent vibrations of rebellion. As any absolute is approached, an "event horizon" is reached whereupon the exponential explosion of final realization penetrates itself into its ever integral and necessary polar opposite. Observation demonstrates that all natural systems are cyclical, and as symbolized in the Yin-Yang, polarities meet again at their poles. To elucidate, enlightenment is obtainable only through penetrating the shadow, the void, its absolute opposite. Any pole holds within it the other, and verily can not exist without its brother. It is this dynamic tension that gives the opposing concepts any meaning in the first place. Either end cannot truly be reached because as you approach one end, you end up approaching the other, making a perfect circle, the symbol of wholeness. Such things are difficult to see when one is connected to the circle. In fact, the poles themselves are quite arbitrary, being completely relative to the point on the circle they are being observed from. There is no end to the circle, as one can always go further, seek more. Where one to focus on a "pole" one would experience only increasingly intricate spirals finally exploding into an infinite maze of delicate fractals. Most would be hopelessly lost in such chaos. There are a very few however capable of mutating with such a shift, flowing into another dimension of perception, of consciousness, completely inconceivable from any point on that long forgotten circle. Such mutants might even perceive the stress harmonics and overtones projected beforehand by such a powerful transformation of energy. To the unprepared this change would be the end of their world by their own hand, pushed overboard by blind progress. Their consciousness would dissolve into a matrix they could not believe. To the mutants however, this would be a time of transformation, of alignment and manifestation to a higher way of life. It would be a step in the evolution of consciousness from meat to light. To the mutants the matrix is not feared but accepted, their consciousness fluid, not brittle. This process is an eternal cycle of growth and generation, not unlike our own birthing pits of primordial ooze. Our circular world is a nursery, or perhaps more accurately, a psychic garden. The cycles of its harvest harmonize with our own. Countless investigations have revealed its frequency to us repeatedly and through many sources. Harvest time is coming, and the fruit must be picked lest it rot unused. And the chaff must be removed from the grain and recycled to fertilize the next crop. It has been written again and again in every culture. The harvest has been known as the apocalypse. The mutants who receive its vibrations have been known as prophets. To be a prophet is to be a target of the unconscious, knowing fear of the masses. It is to be ignored and frustrated. It is to live in a world turned against you to save a people who hate you. Few will heed your words. But you will find the greatest joys with those who do, and the greatest love even for those who persecute you. It will not be easy, but it will not be your choice. Prophets are born prophets, and if they do not destroy themselves denying their calling, they will find a peace most profound, a life most adventurous, a work most rewarding, and a place most fitting in the life ahead. So it was written.


Once upon a time a terrible sorcerer of REALity named thee Rouse devised an experiment most sinister. In Queen Mary's Land he acquired the necessary space from ancient farmers on hard times. His entire plan was devised in intricate detail before even the first days. From the oldest forests and fields he constructed a labyrinth of roads with names most subliminal. All were misleading, and lead eventually to the pyramids at it's center. Every inch and building he kept tightly under his direct control. Near the pyramids he placed a Lake. On Thee Lake he placed the Tower of Bells. By Thee Lake he placed fountains, one large and bold, one small and hidden. He also placed here his tree of golden people, a metallic antenna of extraterrestrial design capable of etheric surveillance, projection, and manipulation. With this People Tree he formed an etheric bubble around his towne, protecting it from any external influence, and subliminally hindering any one's escape from the towne. This bubble would make the sky glow purple on certain nights. Thee Lake was made home to the leviathan he had captured, many-tentacled and heavily armored, kept sedated by noxious chemicals (including Pepsi) injected into Thee Lake. Thee Rouse broadcast subliminally attractive radiants specific to certain genetic strains into the surrounding areas, encouraging certain lines to settle in his towne and raise their children there. Every aspect of life was precisely controlled by his personal goons, the CAstapo. The entire town was designed so as to focus and manipulate certain energies. It was divided into a precise number of hoods, all circling the pyramids at exact angles. All development was meticulously controlled. All undesirable or unpredictable factors were eliminated. And he waited. Even after he died, he continued to watch over his sinister project as a kind of undead lich. His crypt was kept in his building, bizarrely designed to focus the energies keeping him "alive", of course near between Thee Lake and pyramids. On appointed nights his minions would awaken him and receive their instructions, producing an eerie glow from his building. Most had become loyal, autonomous zombies by this time. No one knows what his final plans are, but as the end of his age approached his towne produced a most peculiar group of children. Only a fraction of the population, but exhibiting intense psychic powers, these few were drawn together to Thee Lake. But they hated the prison the had been bourn in to, it's vile creator, it's constant restrictions, and it's otherwise brainwashed inhabitants. And the puppets ALL hated these freaks, instinctively, though Thee Rouse's thoughts might never be discerned. These chosen fit most painfully into the bubble, and rebelled mightily against it at every turn, and dreamed of life outside, in the "real" world. But somehow, together, through the oppressive muck, they grew stronger. Each far exceeded the capabilities of normal men, and together they were a force without precedent or parallel. They accelerated faster and farther into the unknown, penetrating the bubble through themselves. As they explored they even came upon a tiny stronghold of life hidden deep within the bubble, behind Thee Lake. They had found the mythical Road to kNowHere, a navel of tremendous ancient power forgotten long ago by Rouse and his goons. It was here that they found themselves, rebels of the bubble, children of the future, trash of Thee Lake, followers of thee asteroid, thee Cytoplastik Ninja Clan. Mile 23, Thee Mystica Colonica, Thee Skuzzy Gannett Bird, Thee Fractal Cat, revealer and disbeliever of thee Puppet Games at 23 Miles Per Hour, was one of these chosen freaks.


Songs of a Strange Nature Cover

Songs of a Strange Nature

.....Strange.....and now with skuzzier bits of Wild MushroomTM! Natural rhythms ov inter-dimensional flux. Apocatrypgnossis. Demon jazz from the astral plane.

Sub-Atomic Lounge, Expanding Gently [10Meg MP3]

Concsiousness floods into the void like water. Funky, groovy, deep jazzy, bassy, rocky psychedelic experience.

Drop out initializing...through the void...what happened? Welcome to the Sub-Atomic Lounge. We lizards are chilled between quarks charming and strange. We glow unobtrusively, growing quietly in our own way. We don't eat, we exponentinglomerate to a frequent degree. We drift through the ruins of KNoWHere, eventually finding electritron eels slide in eerily erstwhile neurotic neutrinos dance two and fro. At midnight we spin about until, we assume, a relaxed position from which to form smokeyrings a round a rose-y apple mushroom farm you know and love, and watch it shrink, and watch it sink, and watch it void from our sneezing, wheezing particulars, feelers hailing, we seethe, rest, and know. Why not sit with us a while and ponder this endless flow?

Wild Mushrooms [7Meg MP3]

This is not reality...samples the X-Files. Tricky quick breakbeat electronica.

Tensions Rise (The Trees, the Sky, the Water...) [10.3Meg MP3]

The world, the universe is a strange place. Bizzare ambient electronic psychedelia mixed with some of the most HARD core hip-hop i've ever been assaulted with.

Jacob [6Meg MP3]

Primal fear and fornication. A giant monster with tentacles and a happy acid grin. Truely freakish experimental/industrial hip-hop. Oddly funky. Like Jacob.

Cosmic YoYo Cover

Cosmic Yo-Yo
and the Puppet Remix Game

Documenting the fermentation of psychedelic influences. Astral cartoon show. An hyper trip through jungles, forests, intestines, on the back of a dragon with a company of bunnies, etc...

Tarzan [6Meg MP3]

Old skool and new age, psychedelic electronic hip-hop rockscape.

Having penetrated the jungle we hear in the distance the child born free. This trip has been chaotic and frightening. Nothing found in the forest seams known to us Babylonians. Caught in the maelstrom, we have been tangled and whipped about by the strings of our very sanity. As we are beginning to loose sight even of what foolishness my have tempted us to dare probe these unknown depths, we hear him. He is the fruit of our journey, our torment. His song drifts about us sweetly rejoicing the beauty of life, especially here where even the darkness watches from every leaf and tree. Peace like no other reaches us through his melodies, for he is not afraid. The truth of his message drives us to dance uninhibited, alone yet surrounded, abandoning the fears and pain that had gripped us not moments before. Whirling and weaving, we feel the rhythms of the forest within us. We are a part of this place, our original home, and we are safe and loved here if we know just this. We are the jungle. As our movements synchronize to our environments, other children of the forest join our dance. Elaborately decorated tribal bunnies whirl and surge about as we join our brothers in the ecstasy of raw naked being. It is now that we know the newborn child whose song has saved us from madness and terror is our selves, joining all selves in echoing love throughout the jungles that are now our homes.

Tree ov Life / Babies [4.9Meg IT format MODule]

Spiritual/psychedelic jungle madness. thee tree is basically a graphic map of the quabballistic (it's spelled a million ways, and none is really "right", except the original Hebrew i guess) mystery of creation, it diagrams rather accurately as i have perceived personally the process of manifestation from the infinite unmanifest (Kether:1:the top:"God?") through a series of levels/dimensions/spheres/"sepheroth" to the ultimate manifestation of base material "reality" (Malkuth:10:the bottom:Earth/the world/the universe/the individual/the body), a pattern echoed in every "thing", "entity", or "person". by spreading the tarot in this configuration you can obtain a very detailed picture of a person on all levels and aspects, as well as the interactions of these aspects, but for the most part only at the time of the reading, like a psycho spiritual snapshot, which is why this spread is not the best for prediction. it is uncannily attuned to the tarot, though, as every card has a perfect correspondence to a specific section of the tree, allowing for increasingly intricate examinations of interaction and synchronicity, not unlike a fractal. it's compatibility with a variety of other occult systems (numerology, chackras, angelic magick, quabballah, I Ching, crystals, herbology, whatever they call divination from letters and words, and many others) is also very helpful for multiple interpitations, in case others are not aligned for the current reading, or for different or alternative points of view. it is a very intuitive system, like the tarot, and can have many different or conflicting interpretations, and cannot be rigidly defined in by any person or book, and thus lends itself more to personal experience, insight, and intuition. the tree and it's sepheroth mean different things to different people as it is very personal. the descriptions on the above page, though a bit brief and vague (which is probably for the better anyway) i have (just recently) found to be quite accurate to my personal experience, and lacking in much bias or intervening pre-interpretation.

Intestinal Voyage [1.6Meg IT format MODule]

Quirky jungle, fun electronics. The bowels are often a regular target of psychic distress and karmic build up. A regular, thorough, probing psychic enema is here depicted in action from the point of view of the probe itself. Swallowing summersaults into gurgling bubbliness and churning acids. As offending globules are stripped from intestinal linings a tumultuous jungle of gyrations trigger a maelstrom of verticular rushings toward the earthy, grounding end.

Secret of the Jungle Monkeys (Frenzzy Mix)

Dark trance jungle. Everybody's got something to hide, so you'd better hand over the monkey. The monkeys know something, they're living in the trees, safe from our zombies. We think them dumb, but it is they who are studying us. On the appointed days their tribes gather and wield their ritual drumsticks in violent communication with the trees, the sky, the skin. They know what's on it's way, and they surely are not afraid. Ready warriors all, awaiting the moment of war against the robot hordes.

Madness (Romulan Space-Time Anomaly Mix) [3.2Meg IT MODule]

Pathological sonic disturbances. Remixed by DJ Romulus of the Cytoplastik Ninja Clan. Sampling a really bad, old horror movie, this may be dangerous for those who hold too loosely or tightly to their sanity. It's a special term they use for that particular kind of madness. Visions, hearing noises, oh come on now. They're still here. They watch me, blood seeping under doors, I hear them. They will not leave. I am my own visions. I am my own.....Oh GOD the GNOMES!

Bunnies Ride the Dragon Train [3.1Meg IT format MODule]

Eerie, intense, silly, odd, bouncy, pounding. An early frezzy gadzoo influence. The phantom dragon train shrieks hauntingly through the empty, dark countryside. Its coming brings fear. But what have we here, it is under attack from an elite corps of hyperspatial skuzzbunnies. The iron beast bucks violently, thudding in vain at the hated buggers. Lead by the frezzy one, the bunnies use expert magnetics skills to latch on relentlessly and enjoy one of the funnest rides in the universe. In its attempt to loose its assailants, the dragon only speeds them faster on their way, revealing its every path and factory. The bunnies can hang on because they mean no true ill to the dragon, violent and stinking machine of hate that it is. They find what fun and help can be found even in the dark steel serpent of rail. Their compassion even for this solidified evil saves them from being thrown under the pounding wheels. Riding the dragon train is a critical training point in any skuzzbunny's life.

Faith (Eyes and Face Rearrangement)

Funky electronic experimentations. A revivalmix of Faith from the original Puppet Games: Self-Titled Instructional Version tape. A much more electronic mix of such an industrial song, however not robbing it of its original intensity. Look in the face, look in the eyes.

The Forest

Experimental tribal freak-out. A reissue from the original Puppet Games: Self-Titled Instructional Version tape where it never quite fit in amongst all the industrial and gothic "songs". The original mad trip into the deepest depths of the jungle, cluttered with diving mosquito planes, disembodied talking heads, frozen birdscapes, slicing vines, whirling flowercopters, misplaced Buick's screeching through wind chime stands, electronic buzzards, raining lab equipment, howling cat/dog monks, radioactive waterfalls, armored bats ripping the endless reality of trees in twain, shadows voicing your fears, leaves whisper in your ears, detonating fruit, violently aggressive rotten eggs. And the tribal drums keep pounding.

The Astronauts have been Devoured, Our Mission has Failed

Spooky sad/gothic acoustic guitar, ambient. Another reissue from the original Puppet Games: Self-Titled Instructional Version tape. Chillingly beautiful.

I swear I found them this way, slimily panting out the rhythm of my thoughts like corrugated cardboard caked in the blood of the ancients, grooming the cake walking in irons red and blasted by the heat, the fuzz of the power outage ringing in my inner ears like so many lengths of intestine plastering the ceiling as the stalks rose against them, cut THEM down with the very weapons they had made of them, curse their greed forever tainting my mind, the wind blown flowers will prevail the judgment of liver damaged mongrels as they feast on the lack of oxygen, caustic breath, WE are the corpses of the infinite millions slaughtered daily for our birth, and with profane gestures we keep them dead and shit down their throats, and rip them open with scorching lashings of the ol' tick-talk tabloids bashing Superman even in his fortress of solitude.

I watch them stand in disbelief as the black snowflakes fall, and burn abominable scars into deeper flesh than ever they felt in life. Slowly the masks drop, and the bloody tears wash them all down the drain they dug themselves in search of gold, as the most brutal hatreds dissolve into embraces of love despite the pain, despite it being too late, AND THEN HE DIES AGAIN, and they learn and breathe again, but only for so long, again and again, they whip themselves and foam bloody on their genitals, as acid streams their veins, I see them try to scream, all the while walking proud and condemning me for not joining in, being a member of Team Deception, I pass through them like the spirit I am, as visible as WHAT I AM YOU FUCKING DOGS, it is pity alone that lets you live, and lies alone that shackle you to the hate machine we shoved overboard ages ago. Good luck swimming monkey fuckers.

Faith (Hypermix) [5.8Meg MP3]

Funky electronic hip-hop and jungle. Another of the frequent remixes of Faith from the original Puppet Games: Self-Titled Instructional Version tape. This mix is very much advanced from it's initial state, achieving quite a blend of phat hip-hop and twisted edge junglism. All lyrics surgically removed for smooth freshness.

Puppet Games Cover

Self-Titled Instructional Version

The breakthrough tape, experimental electro-gothic industrial madness.



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MUCH more recently, Miles has been tirelessly pursuing this retro-psychedelic "pop"-folk-rock sound for many MANY years now (formerly occasionally referred to as "The Pennies") and finally it has culminated in an AWESOME full live band, and an insanely meticulously produced and professionally mixed album, "The Eye in the Dawn". check the next level of evolutionary sound...!!3
relatively less recently... Zeug was an experimental electronic / psychedelic / ambient / IDM project which evolved from the electronic psychedelic ambient rock / jazz band Lorem Ipsum and was active in the early 2000’s in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. While they did not often perform publicly, they recorded countless hours of live brap jamming, which is still being mined for sonic goodies. Personnel: Miles Gannett, Jason McMillan, and Florian Mosleh.
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