Nacho Type

An odd thing happened to me I sat in the center of yet another mysterious "grass circle". Three insects visited my world, small though I had made it. The butterfly, the charm of the year, lifted my eyes to the horizon once again. The bee continued the fateful doledroms of planning a violent coup with alien technology rival to the old queen's. And, of course, our old friend the discriminated, pacifist fly was ensnared once again by the ever enticing "light". I buzzed myself a leg or two. They didn't notice the circle, themselves being a part of it.

My three latest grapefruits acosted me roughly. How was I to know they were normal? Now, NORML I could deal with, but these were intent on geeking me back onto gravity: gravely with feeling, booming to the moon to the sun on it's run back to the simplist tune, one hum quite oft' come streaming down the trees like nobodies Pooh pajamas.

Cranberry sauce prounced merrily into the fray by tea time, galavanting about with a beutifully chromed weapon of extra-terrestrial origin. He smiled upon me many a current, middle-loading my thing king machine with it's infinate spokes a pokin' out about the edges of the eyes, warm with an arid moistness. I'm not sure what your sneakers might make upon passing that little movement.

Glancing around, I see you again. Your putrescence glows from within me, green against my blue clouds in a sky of morticioust artificial wood grain. It looped me to remember why it hurt there. Elsyways, no red, no dead, head? It calls when you'd least expect it. Just float...down...


Water like trees could not ask but one cup of almost honey fiddle, with friends beneath power who think none a worry to listen, perhaps only to wake their dark timely music.

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