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A sudden, cleansing explosion of kahrmic build-up from within the psyche, and the resulting residues and recepticals thereof.

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The revealed top secret documents of Arthur Bartholomew Logvod. Jump on in, the water's fire.^
The Official Fuzzy Bunny Home Page
Cute little fables starring a cute little bunny who is uncannily accident prone. Laugh as Fuzzy Bunny invariably perishes again and again in the name of demonstarting moralistic values. Written by Elgaroo, the morals are gauranteed empty and meaningless. But don't worry folks, our cute little friend always ends up being reincarnated as himself once again for your continued entertainment and education!
Thee Mystica Colonica
experimental-electronic-psychidelic -industrial-techno-jungle-gothic-underground -ambient-trance-hip/triphop like music (MOD, MP3) materialized from another world, defying terrestrial explaination.
Puppet Games
IT is the downloadable MODular music of thee Fractal Cat, Miles, aka Mystica Colonica, 23 MPH, etc. Intigral partner in the auditory Psychic Enema experiment, all aspects ov the Cytoplastik Ninja Clan Recordalypse.
Thee Psychic Enema's Sonic Assault Force
Psychic Enema (the band)'s suppository of aural hollucinations, subliminal brain-unwashing, and other experiMENTAL assaults on musical sanity free for download.
Thee Pentagraph Home Page
An original collection of mystical five sided fractal mandala images related to pentagrams and pentacles.
Thee Anti-Pepsi Brigade WebQuarters
In case you didn't know, Pepsi is an evil alien organization bent on world domination through the use of mind controling substances (Pepsi Cola) and subliminal messages (commercial advertisements).
The Official "We Hate Merlin" Club Web Site
A bastard and a sonofabitch, a disgrace to this judicial system.
Apocalypse Tomorrow, Dance Now!
A collection of various yummy MODules.
All things touch in this web.
Directory listing for optical holucinations associated with this site, making available all the crap on here i've been to spacey link up to the rest of the site (sorry). Commercial use prohibited.
Ye Ol' Guestsheet
Thee results of the famous survey on the old page, now defunked. Here is the original survey form in it's entirety so that you might know to what questions these are answers to.

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i've just been kickin it back in Baltimore since evacuating from Katrina. i'd like to move back, as i was just really getting into it when she hit, but i still feel like i'm not finished being here yet, so... about to move, prolly getting back into printing real soon, which i've missed. working, loving, eating, playing, sleeping, dancing, soaking up all the various wild art and music, people and culture this rad city has to offer.) kickin it with my homies, my tru fam.) always checking out movies, music, and books that are new to me, might be getting more active artistically, maybe even might start reading out again, if i can find somewhere really comfey.

i've been dancing A LOT lately, which is super healthy for me, physically and mentally.)

discovering the secrets of the universe and ways of processing them for human consumption. immanentizing the eschaton.)

and that's about it!) my life is a constant, never ending adventure, but how do you put that into words?


see real pictures of iraq.
this is not the news = disturbing imagery.


also, if you are looking for reporting that isn't drastically one sided, check out Al Jazeera, or BBC News, though with a small grain of salt, or course.)


Blue Hand Animation

in case you couldn't tell, most of this site hasn't been updated hardly at all in the past ten years. sorry.) maybe some day, who knows?P most of this was designed for Netscape Navigator, but i will try to fix the occasional Firefox incompatability soon. i've also been kind of moving towards full HTML 4.01 compliancey.) Please install this font for full effect (just download into fonts folder). Stay funky! Toodles!

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