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My friends R my family, my tribe. Here u will find pretty, creative pictures and possibly descriptions of some of thee free, futuristics 'freaks' who have helped shape my life. This is my tribute to all i know ov love. Page designed specifically for 800x600 screen/window resolution and Netscape Navigator. Click on pictures for larger versions, and on names for personal web pages or emails, as available. More friend related links and homepages below. I am of course missing people, and pictures, so please if you have any pictures of any lake/Columbia people, etc., scanned or otherwise, PLEASE hook a Brenza up as he is attempting to collect an archive of such historic material. If you are not listed it is nothing personal, i just don't have a picture of you, so send me one rightaway! Higher quality versions of many of these pics exist in thee Lake archive, and additional pics may already be available in said archive, just ask. Any one wanting to be romoved from the list, a different picture, their email address shared, &c, just let me know. All images are the express copyrights of their respective creators and subjects.

PEEPle's PICtureS

Brendon's famous monkey-face, courtesy of Mandi?


Brenza tripped-out @ Thee Lake, edited by

Elgaroo Brenza

Candace with Holly's bunny and a pumpkin on Halloween.


Angie, somewhat pierced.

Angi Cooke

Dave balancing on one of Fallon's old porches in the Columbubble?


Laura and Beth on the way to prom.

Laura Denz (left) / Beth Smith (right)

Drakos getting down @ Thee BLACK CANCER-HOLE in theE SCAPE ANTI-PARTY, picture by Mandi, i think.

Mike Drakos

Eva strikes a pose @ Matt's Halloween Party, taken by Matt.


Fallon on da gangsta tip.

Fallon / Nowhere

Dan Ferro breakdancing @ College Park, from their school paper.

Dan Ferro

Florian as Tinster, edited by Florian.

Florian / Indīgo

Miles with his bunnies, photo by Nicole, edited by Miles.

Miles Gannett / Mystica Colonica

Holly on thee Road to kNoWhere, edited by hollyjean, i think.


Tim gettin' down @ 1 o them drum circle thingies.

Tim Horan

Ian being a punk in New Orleans, by Matthew Newman-Saul.


Jacob living it up @ Thee BLACK CANCER-HOLE in theE SCAPE ANTI-PARTY, picture by Mandi, i think.

Jacob / Chicken

Jenza under de bridge by Elgaroo.

Jenna / Jenza

Juniper by her self.

Juniper Hill / little Oni

Sexy Kate showin' her sass, pic by Jacob?


Pretty picture of Kristen, composed and taken by Matthew Newman-Saul.

Kristin / Kira / Gem

Kyle dressed up like a cutie!


Justin, beside himself.  Photographer unknown.

Justin Lambert

Dan through the light, photographer unknown.

Dan Lauderball

DARE to be sexy!  photo by ?

Lyzz / Jyzz

LuLu manifesting spirit of Brier Lappin, edited by LuLu and

Alexandra LuLu Orange

Mandi on her way to prom, pic by ?


Mary on a Baltimore City bus, pic by someone nice?

Mary / Angel

Kevin getting down with his bad self @ Matt's Halloween party.

Kevin Morris

Naomi, purple and green in the flowers, edited by Holly or Miles?


Matt ist hippy.

Matt Newman-Saul

Nicole, launging @ Matt's Halloween Party, by Matt.


VERY old, high school pic of Nina/Phoenix.

Nina / Phoenix

A very old pic of thee Pale one appearently at the lake, with his trusty notebook, by ?

Pale Eddy / Mike Pilotte

Bethany and her shocking pink hair, edited by

Bethany Pontier

Nannon smilin for da passport cam at work.

Rhiannon / Nannon

Photo by 'Pez Guy' Chris Harris, Digital Editing (color bits in water) by


Laura as the White Rabbit @ Matt's Halloween Party, taken by Matt.

Laura Scott

Spin displaying her discordian nature, edited by


A cool pic Pale Eddy took @ the Halloween Party i had some fun with.

Stephanie (with Thorn)

Angie Stump with her boyfriend @ Brenza's, by Mandi.

Angie Stump (with boyfriend)

Tamzyn, being cute at school with a flower, by Mandi.


Peeps' Homepages and Other (links)

A Fiendish Thingy
This is Mike D.'s page, though i'm not sure he knows it still exists. images are out, but still funny.
angel_of_night_81's Yahoo! Profile
Apheleia Discordia: Innocent Chaos
The thoughts, links, and punk rock of Tiffany Fuchsia Flannigan.
bboynekos page
The best damn breakdancing page on the planet, guaranteed *
Beth's LiveJournal
My friend Beth writes lots! She is fun, u will c.
Brookie Page
`Dis my X-grrrlfriend!
Chris is Home Page
A simple personal homepage including poetry.
Cynthia's Nifty Little Website
If you can't laugh at other people's pain, what can you laugh at? An incredibly cute parsonal web page with her own cute little drawings and interesting web features. She likes bunnies too.
cytopastik Productions, Inc. Ltd.
Cutting edge experimental psycho=spiritual electronic music for the freak of the future.
"....far off in the distance, a melody is heard,
accompanied by a saddened voice.
A curious passerby stops to listen,
mesmerized by the tune...
As the dusk falls, if you listen,
you can hear it, too..."
Gateway: Vortex of dreams and shadows
Some wonderfull poetry and prose by one of my best friends. Love ya Beth!
Get Whyz2K
Met this artist kid at the 1999 National Rainbow Gathering in Pennsylvania, then hanged out again in Tempe, Arizona. Artwork, Rainbow philosophy, and comix are his games.
GP Solutions, Inc.
This is just my dad's company, but if you or someone u know is in need of some quality Computerized Maintenance and
Materials Management Software Systems (CMMS) and Records /
Document Management Systems, i highly recomend them.
ICQ Inc. - Elgaroo Brenza's Personal ICQ Communication Center
im warning you
situation junkie
Cytoplastik brother specializing in hyperphysical drum science, interweaving strings, psychoactive panning, and
trance inducing currents.
One of my best friends, Holly writes beautifull spooky things.
Kafkaesque Columbia, Maryland
An unfortunate innocent named Gus accidentaly stumbles upon my home town, the prison community of Columbia, Maryland. True horror story!
Guru Meditation Error
Garden of Delights
Large, Juicy, Experimental Electronic Fractal Cat IT format MODs (music) for Download Page (with 23 times more skuzzy bits than most leading brands!)
This sheet is the official index of downloadable, free, original music by Fractal Cat, aka Mystica Colonica
Puppet Games, Agent Obnoxious, 23 MPH, Miles Gannet, etc. While his music has a distinct tendency to defy
definition, this selection could tentatively be said to smell of a decent mish-mash of experimental,
underground, psychedelic, ambient, trance, industrial, gothic, jungle, hip-hop, trip-hop, and/or techno
little Oni's Homepage
For some reason, I had this increadible itch to place my
thoughts, feelings, and personal taste on the web.
Beautiful artwork and poetry by a great friend.
martian_brain_robber's Yahoo! Profile
Matthew Newman-Saul
My good friend's very fancy web site/web design resume/demo.
Mirage's Homepage
I think this is Naomi, but it seams to have fallen apart...
Nihilist Neighbor's Place
The home of CHRIS the giraffe.
now, in Apple ][ e vision... mostly
Tim Pumplin aka DJ Crazy T's very nice site, fine design, links, pics, and music info. Also home of Tim's Insanity Warehouse.
Nova Netwerks
page by my old friend Alan Henry.
"Each new hour holds new chances for new beginnings
the horizion leans forward
offering you space to place new steps of change."
~Maya Angelou
Official EKZ homepage
Mad crazy/schizophrenic experimental electronic trance/drumnbass Impulse Tracker EKZ, aka Pete Lesko, with original music for download.
Silly Rabbit... (new domain)
Silly Rabbit... (quicker, no ads)
Orderable artwork by Clockbasher Designs, aka the Shalmetian Nation, N'Orleans street freaks.
Rev Elgaroo Brenza's LiveJournal
My online journal. Whoop-e. Don't worry, i don't enter often.
Rich's Home Away From Home
This my friend Rich, who makes chainmail, works on computers, and fixes things. Say hey!
The Adventures of Space-Man
Thee Mystica Colonica
futuristic, original experimental-electronic-psychidelic- industrial-techno-jungle-gothic- underground-ambient-trance-hip/triphop like music (MOD, MP3) materialized from another world, defying terrestrial explaination.
The Evil Evil Spambot Page
Pale Eddy has made a slimey pile of pure cyber insanity. And me without my spoon!
The page mostly contains my artwork, both pictures of physical
mediums and some that were computer generated. When you click on
the link below, it will open a pop-up window more appropriate for
viewing the images. This is a new system, in case you have ever been
to my page before. Do not be afraid. It's better this way for both of
The Miles Gannett Fan Club
Just so you know, Miles is not in any way, shape, or form responsible for this sickness. He apologizes for any trauma it may cause.
Total Devotion
Underground, indy 80's style electronic band. Wonderful combination of retro and progressve sounds. Reminds me of a combination of Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto, maybe some EBN, but Nine Inch Nails is a stretch, but for some of Reznor's early stuff. This is a good thing, there is nothing really like this. Newer material is stripping down the electronic cutting edge, and features some hardcore psychotronic remixes by experimental tracker Mystica Colonica (aka Miles Gannett)
Tzeital Bellatrix
Kate's a republican, but we love her anyway!
She is very cute, loves the X-Files and Green Day, can read and speak Hebrew, and can write assembly language (mmmhmmm!)
Welcome to Annexia.
Pope Pale Eddie's new web site.
Fliegende Kinderscheisse!
No Egos allowed beyond this point .
Yahoo! Clubs theelakeonline
I know everyone talked so
much shit about the lake,
but it really got people
together. No one hangs
out or does anything
together any more, except
for a couple tiny cliches,
and I think that's kinda
sad. No, I'm not saying we
should go back to the
lake, but it seams to me if
people could
communicate a little
easier then people might
get together and do fun
and creative things with
people who suck a lot less
than most other people in
this world. I know not
everyone gets along all the
time, and there has been
a LOT of drama, but you
ALL are most of the most
interesting, beautiful,
artistic, caring, and REAL
people I have ever met in
all my travels, and it would
mean so much at the
least to me personally if
everyone could rise above
the past and get along
with people who you know
you had good times with.
Please? I love you guys,

Ferros Pages

Welcome to LCG
Welcome to My Company Marketplace!
Eye Of the Needle Embroidery
Town Planner Maryland 2001
What if...

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