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Abattoir is a hypertext novel in progress, conceived and fermented inside fiber optic cable and microcircuitry, haunted by the specters of Tzara, Lautreamont, and W. S. Burroughs, it is the slaughterhouse of the word.
Alexander and Ann Shulgin
When I first sat down to read this monstrous 978 page book, I was worried that it might be difficult or boring. An hour into it, I refused to put it down when it was time for dinner. Alexander Shulgin was the first in the world to synthesize over 200 chemical structures (most of which had psychedelic effects) and then test them on himself, his wife Ann, and friends.
ani difranco lyrics
Ani Difranco rocks. Period. If you can not accept this, you r in for a world of pain. The original hardcore grrrl, completely ripped off by Alanis Morriset and the like, with lyrics that can cut like a knife, a REAL practical modern femanist philosophy, and the most intense acoustic guitar i've ever heard. Kick it for me one time!
ART DEADLINES LIST Juried exhibitions and other Artist Opportunities
A monthly email newsletter listing art contests & competitions, art scholarships & grants, juried exhibitions, art jobs & internships, call for entries/proposals/papers, writing & photo contests, residencies, design & architecture competitions, auditions, casting calls, fellowships, festivals, funding, and other opportunities (including some that take place on the web) for artists, art educators and art students of all ages.
Atomic Books Literary Finds for Mutated Minds
Atomic Books--Literary Finds for Mutated Minds. Alternative/Underground Books, Comics & Fanzines. Atomic Books Online Catalog: Sleaze/Adult Books. Erotica, S&M, B&D, more.
Baltimore City Paper Online
Chris is Home Page
A simple personal homepage including poetry.
Cut it up!
Recombinant web page experimentation. (The method is simple. Here is one way to do it. Take a page. Like this page. Now cut down the middle. You have four sections: 1 2 3 4 . . . one two three four. Now rearrange the sections placing section four with section one and section two with section three. And you have a new page. Sometimes it says much the same thing. Sometimes something quite different-cutting up political speeches is an interesting exercise-in any case you will find that it says something and something quite definite. - Wm. Burroughs)
Dictionary of American Regional English
The Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE) is a reference tool unlike any other. Its aim is not to prescribe how Americans should speak, or even to describe the language we use generally, the "standard" language. Instead, it seeks to document the varieties of English that are not found everywhere in the United States--those words, pronunciations, and phrases that vary from one region to another, that we learn at home rather than at school, or that are part of our oral rather than our written culture. Although American English is remarkably homogeneous considering the tremendous size of the country, there are still many thousands of differences that characterize the various dialect regions of the United States. It is these differences that DARE records. Learn more about what DARE is, and who uses it; what is published; how to purchase it; DARE's funding; and how to contact us.
^~^~^~~~ELECTRIC ANT~~~^~^~^
we are committed to the promotion of artistic, social, and cultural revolution. We will offer community, hosting and/or exposure to electronic magazines, web sites, groups, individuals, and installations that share our beliefs in the importance of free artistic, dadaist, cultural, political, and philosophical expression, the necessity for a total rejection of capitalist, corporate military-industrial, bureaucratic and all other authoritarianisms, of the mass media spectacle, and the hypocrisy, psychic corruption, and cultural sterility of postmodern life.
ETCSL home page
The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature is in preparation at the University of Oxford. Its aim is to make accessible, via the World Wide Web, over 400 literary works composed in the Sumerian language in ancient Mesopotamia during the late third and early second millennia BC.
Friction Magazine - a journal of writers and artists
Poetry, fiction, art, photography, features, columns, opinion, etc. Friction Magazine is a publication dedicated to the advancement of the literary and visual arts. Includes a forum area, submissions page, arts and literary links, banner exchange, and much more.
Gateway: Vortex of dreams and shadows
Some wonderfull poetry and prose by one of my best friends. Love ya Beth!
I Can Eat Glass Project
The concept of the "I Can Eat Glass" Project is simple-- to compile a list of ways to say the phrase "I can eat glass, it doesn't hurt me" in various languages. Pretty easy, eh?
Inter-zone.org gathers 3 sites around William Burroughs and Brion Gysin
Kafkaesque Columbia, Maryland
An unfortunate innocent named Gus accidentaly stumbles upon my home town, the prison community of Columbia, Maryland. True horror story!
llama central
llama central. all the angst you can eat. more poetry than you can eat. coleslaw you can't eat. psych wards from hell, and serious stuff tossed in for contrast.
Lupert: It's The Website
The home page of poet Rick Lupert with online versions of his books as well as other writing samples. Also the home of the Poetry Super Highway
Machine Dreams & Webbed Arts
Machine Dreams and Webbed Arts: Urban Process in Subtextual Circulation forthcoming in text the journal of the Australian association of writing programs
Novel of the Future...Mobius Insight
This novel is what the coming of the millennium and the New World Order is really all about. It contains links to those sources on the World Wide Web to assist you in preparation of your future decisions and just very well might save your life and the lives of those you love in these very troubling times. The material herein covers the prophecies, both modern and ancient, as well as scientific and historical knowledge for the use of the scholar and the average person who has questions about their origins.
Poetry and Fiction Writers
This page contains links to some of the many Online Poetry and Fiction Magazines. If you are interested in this mode of publication check these out. Always familiarize yourself with the magazine content before submitting your work, saves everybody time!
RE/Search Publications--The Alternative Culture Source
RE/Search Publications from V. Vale, founder of RE/Search, continues to produce cutting edge books. Regardless of topic, every RE/Search book deals with the same problems: maximizing creativity and freedom in a world whose agenda is consumerism and control. Therefore, we believe that our entire library forms an essential foundation for an expanded artistic (and darkly humorous) futuristic vision. Against irony and trivialization, V. Vale's books satisfy the curiosities of all who value independence and suspect that truly important history and culture-making is being obscured by corporate agendas flooding us with information overload. Ahead of their time, the Re/Search books' mission is to present ideas and inspiration of lasting importance and enjoyment. The range of topics is vast: punk, lounge music, swing dancing, retro culture, jazz, the Beats, self-publishing (zines), pranks, sado-masochism, torture, sword-swallowing, modern primitives, B-movies, high-tech surveillance, trepaning. Plus conversations with William S. Burroughs, J.G. Ballard, Kathy Acker, Bob Flanagan, Henry Rollins, etc.
Scarlet Letters: The Journal of Femmerotica
Hundreds of beautiful and original images from exceptional artists make our galleries the most coveted, extensive and incredible displays of modern fine art and erotica online. Right now, we're showing nearly twenty diverse artists as well as a large sampling from all our past issues: some of Scarlet Letters' best galleries from the last three years Want more? Our subscription archives hold all of our issues from the past three years. -------------scarlet--------------- Scarlet Letters also includes fantastic short fiction, features, editorials, commentary and interviews, poetry, columns, our readers forum and our sex advice section, Sexuality One Oh One, with accurate, extensive articles, links and resources to keep your sex life on the ball (so to speak).
The Amazing Adventures of Bromwyn Bunny
The Encyclopedia Mythica
The Encyclopedia Mythica is an on-line encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend. It contains thousands of article and hundreds of images and stories.
The Grimoire
The Grimoire is a forum for writers to post their work, either poetry or prose, and make it available for others to enjoy and offer their feedback. It's pages will be updated on a monthly basis. Your Submissions are welcome!!
The Onion | America's Finest News Source
The GREATEST, most violently amusing newspaper in the country. The archetypal apitamy of purest journalism. I would donate several secondary organs for a subscription any day!
The Yellow Wall-Paper
This Yellow Wall-Paper site was constructed by students in Daniel Anderson's (Spring 1995) American Literature survey course.
Top Secret Documents of Arthur Bartholemew Logvod (and the psychophetic halucinations therein)
Discovered in the trunk of some random ladies car after a long night of ecstatic halucinations and phantasmic visitations, translated from the original Infromanian by Rev. Elgaroo Brenza, and revealing through subliminal kabbalistic encoding the most enlightening future of our pale planet of the clocks.
to snarg
a brain-tingling online media barrage that must be seen to be believed. in the future, when the aliens take over, the entire web will be like this.
TOUT-FAIT: The Marcel Duchamp Studies Online Journal
From the Ancient World to the Future
I have studied several languages of the ancient Near East, including Akkadian, Sumerian, Ugaritic, Hittite, and Amorite.
Welcome to Science News Books
Science books distributed online by my favorite science magazine, Science News.
Yahoo! Clubs abattoir
The time has come to draw in the reins of my inspiration and to stop for a moment along the way, as when one looks at a woman’s vagina; it is wise to look over the ground I have covered, and then, having rested my weary limbs, to soar off with a bold leap. To cover such a stretch in a single breath is by no means easy; one’s wings get very tired, flying high, without hope and without remorse... No, let us not lead any further the haggard pack of pickaxes and spades across the explosive mines of this impious song. The crocodile will not change a word of the vomitings from beneath his skull. So much the worse, if some lurking shade excited by the praiseworthy object of avenging mankind whom I have so unjustly attacked, stealthily opens the door of my room, and brushing against the wall like a sea gull’s wing, buries a dagger in the side of the plunderer of heavenly wrecks! The atoms of clay may just as well be dispersed in this way as any other. --Lautréamont from Maldoror
Yahoo! Clubs thechairisnotthinking
There is something brewing in the word "club" which Yahoo! didn't intend. Everytime I see it now, I imagine homohabilis, or neanderthal, or australopithecus, brandishing a tree stump. When the Founders settings say "describe your club", I find myself wanting to describe what my club would look like, if I were Neanderthal. Since you've stopped by, O' revered member, feel free to describe your stump.

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