Digital copy of thee original sketch, 8/12/1997.


An original collection of mystical five sided fractal mandala images related to pentagrams and pentacles. All images on or linked to by this page are © 2001 Rev. Christopher "Elgaroo" Brenza. Permission is given for any NON-COMMERCIAL use under the condition that you give him credit and send him a copy. ANY COMMERCIAL use is strictly forbidden without the direct permission of Rev. Christopher "Elgaroo" Brenza, which will probably be given for cheap or free as he sees fit.

Standard Solid Pentagraph Patterns

Standard Solid Pentagraph, 4th internal iteration

8.7KB 620x571 b/w GIF

First External Pattern Layer, 4th internal iteration

49.5KB 1548x1456 b/w GIF
19.7KB 774x728 b/w GIF
7.6KB 403x366 b/w GIF

Second External Pattern Layer, 4th internal iteration

122.5KB 2000x2000 b/w GIF
46.4KB 1000x1000 b/w GIF
15.6KB 500x500 b/w GIF
17.2KB 125x125 gray JPEG

Third External Pattern Layer, 4th internal iteration

60.2KB 331x317 gray JPEG
23.3KB 166x159 gray JPEG

Fourth External Pattern Layer, 4th internal iteration

92.1KB 438x412 gray JPEG

Creative Pentagraphic Images

Overlapping Patterns

10-Sided Star Overlap: 6.8KB 581x605 b/w GIF

Gradient Colored Pentagraphs

Rainbow Circle Pentagraph: 139.9KB 620x571 16Mc JPEG
"Dark" Rainbow Circle Pentagraph: 140KB 620x571 16Mc JPEG

"Starburst" Patterns

Primary Colors Starburst: 4.3KB 422x373 8c GIF
Purple-Pink Glowing Starburst: 11KB 300x269 256c GIF

Miscellaneous Images

"Psycho-Blast": 83KB 620x571 16Mc JPEG
Green Back-Glown Black Pentagraph: 122.3KB 620x571 16Mc JPEG
Purple/Green Egg: 97.2KB 620x571 16Mc JPEG
"Leather" Pentagraph: 108.7MB 620x571 16Mc JPEG

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