The Pain.

Auditory Hallucinations

the noise in my head
lets me know i'm not dead


AnalogX - Free software downloads
audio tools, internet utilities, articles, MP3 search engines, DirectX plugins, original music, MIDI software, and much more, all available to download for free!
Apocalyptic Breakin' Crew Official breakdancing Website
We are a professional Break Dancing crew from Maryland with over 2 years experience performing for events and productions. Here you can find out about our members, watch some videos of the crew in action and contact us.
BLACK CHANNEL Radio Show + Real Audio Radio Show
BLACK CHANNEL Radio Show + Real Audio Radio Show presents the world of WAVE, GOTHIC, INDUSTRIAL, DARK TECHNO, Electro, RITUAL, EXPERIMENTAL, Ambient and Avangarde Music via Streaming Real Audio Broadcasting
Fuckin' hilarious Flash cartoons. Some really hard core, cutting edge Flash work, wack ass dialogue, and often an incredibly bomb-ass-tick soundtrack. Check out Miss Muffy and the Muff Mobb, a kinda wacked out gangsta rap version of Strwberry Shortcake or Candyland. Totally fucked! And you don't need a cable for quality, dial-ups load fast and fine.
dr. fetid's wizards of the sonic
Having started as a repository for the weirdest music I could find, I've recently drifted into the area of novelty records, celebrities making fools of themselves, and general strangeness.
Family ov Psychic Individuals. Cybertribe Network since 1998. Huge multimedia art collective. Comprehensive Psychic TV archive including complete discography and picture galleries.
HammerHead Rhythm Station - Free Software Drum Machine for Win 95/98/NT
a cute little customizable drum machine in a window for all you beat-boxing, loop-making, and button-punching pleasures.
Hyperreal is a resource and a home on the Internet for information and activies surrounding the memes of music, dance, art, altered states of consciousness, and experimental ways of expressing those memes over the wires. Information like this doesn't want to be free, it NEEDS to be free, and it needs a place to be expressed independent of any overriding responsibility to a larger institution.
Lazlo's Discography Machine
Dscogs of a variety of electronic bands.
Le bijou d'égoutture de nectar de Bhagdad du nord est expérimentale de la scène!
The Red Room experimental music club at Normals Books and Records in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Musical Sand
Musical Sand info, recordings, and links.
NSF Collection
Welcome to the NSF Collection and the Official NSF Specifications page. What are NSFs? NSFs are music data ripped from Nintendo / Famicom games, without the game. This allows you to use Winamp and a proper plugin to play just the music from your favourite Nintendo/Fami games without actually having to play the game!
Orange Juice - The demoscene information center
the aim of this french site, as you'll surely understand, is to talk about demos. yeah, all right, I know you already know that. so I guess you also know that you're supposed to help us ? but what if you don't ? I must remind you that this site can only live with the help of outsiders! so how can you help us ? =)
RealPlayer Home Page
Streaming audio software.
sinkhole experimental music magazine
Sinkhole is both a magazine and a resource focusing on many genres of experimental music. This site features reviews, interviews, realaudio broadcasts and plenty of links. Some of the genres covered include harsh noise, japanese noise, power electronics and dark ambience.
Sound-Producing Sand Avalanches
Analysis of the theories and experiments done so far on sound-producing (e.g., roaring, booming) sand avalanches.
Spy Centre: Spy Numbers Stations
98324 19043 78903 95320...". The mechanized female voice drones on and on... What have you stumbled on to? Instructions to spies? Messages exchanged between drug dealers? Deliberate attempts at deception and mis-information? Chances are, all of the above! What you've tuned in to is called a "Spy Numbers Station". They've been on the air for several decades, and only recently have the mysteries started to unfold. But there's still much we don't know about these mysterious stations. With the information on these pages, you'll discover the little that we do know about these stations, what we're still trying to learn, and how you too can tune in to the spies.
Stridulation Sounds of Black Fire Ants (Solenopsis richteri) in Different Situations
yeah, this guy built a tiny, little microphone and recorded tiny, little ant sounds. ain't science grand? some really neat sounds, though, and haven't YOU ever wondered...?
SubSynth Windows Synthesiser
This is the home page for subSynth - a freeware synthesiser program for Windows. It uses subtracive synthesis, like an analogue synth. You can find out more and download your copy from here.
The Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records
The Official Cthugha Home Page
And what is Cthugha (pronounced "Kah-Thoo-Gah")? It's a free program available for PC's (running DOS, Windows, or Linux) and Macintosh's which takes sound input from a CD, stereo, or microphone and displays colorful animated graphics synced to the sound. Sort of like an oscilloscope, but on LSD. thee original, and still probably the best!
The Synaptics Theremin
If your laptop has a Synaptics TouchPad: The Synaptics TouchPad is a capacitive sensing device that detects the presence of your fingers and, up until now, has not responded with an eerie whistling sound that many find aesthetically pleasing. This oversight has finally been corrected.
to snarg
a brain-tingling online media barrage that must be seen to be believed. in the future, when the aliens take over, the entire web will be like this.
UMMZ Periodical Cicada Page
Videogame Music Archive - 8,000+ Game Music MIDI files
Video Game MIDI Music from NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Genesis, Master System, Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, Turbo-Grafx 16, and more! Quite extensive.
Welcome to MAZ home
MAZ Sound Tools scene sound-software site since 1995 All the audio/music software you could ever desire, much of it free or shareware.
Welcome to the World of VinylVideo!
This website presents to you a new and fascinating product that will revolutionize your daily TV viewing. With VinylVideo™, you can now transform your old record player and your TV set into a brand-new home movie medium - quickly, conveniently, and without complicated instruction manuals. With the revolutionary VinylVideo™ Picture Disks, for which numerous top-name artists have already produced exclusive works, you can now design your own TV viewing program featuring picture quality that is truly extraordinary. VinylVideo™ is: moving image from LP records. VinylVideo™ is: much easier to operate than comparable home video systems. VinylVideo™ is: simply a fun new way to watch TV!
Yahoo! Clubs deep6
Concert Productions for Washington DC area
Zophar's Domain: Nintendo NSF Archive
This page is dedicated to NSF files, music dumps of Nintendo/Famicom games. They are similar in aspect to SID files for the C64.


ani difranco lyrics
Ani Difranco rocks. Period. If you can not accept this, you r in for a world of pain. The original hardcore grrrl, completely ripped off by Alanis Morriset and the like, with lyrics that can cut like a knife, a REAL practical modern femanist philosophy, and the most intense acoustic guitar i've ever heard. Kick it for me one time!
Bjork - The official Björk website - Bjork's Websense
ever since she began howling with the alternative/punk/acid Sugarcubes this Icelandic wonder has never stopped pushing the cutting edge of music (through trip-hop, industrial, experimental dance and electronic, etc.), and her truely ORIGINal vocalizations remain at the heart of unconvention, quirkiness, and pure emotional expression, as her lyrics become increasingly honest, direct, and spiritual.
BONG and Depeche Mode Home Page
A source for information about Depeche Mode, BONG - The Depeche Mode Mailing List, fonts, graphics, pictures, song parodies, lyrics, and much more!
The dirtysite will be transforming into a broader information site, designed to not only provide Underworld content, but various other UW, Tomato, and dirty interests as well. Dance music information, electronic entertainment forums, humanitarian resources, and whatever else strikes our fancy at any given time. Dirty will also continue to house the dirtylist, the Underworld information service, and expand the Underworld section to include UnderworldLive archived material.
EXPERIENCE HENDRIX iNTERACTIVE | The Official Jimi Hendrix Web Site
jimi was THEE god of electric guitar, an alien from another world, and the greatest guitarist ever. if you do not know this, you ain't heard nuthin' yet.
Genesis P-Orridge - The Next New Way On
A museum of monstrous proportions and holohgraphic intentions featuring the definitive and official cultural engineering archives of Genesis P-Orridge (Coum Transmission, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, etc.) This is the latest canvas of Genesis P-Orridge. This is the place to wipe that smile off your face; wear black lace.
What?! you've never heard of the Legendary Pink Dots? but they're LEGENDARY! anyway, i guess one would have to call thier music gothic, but much more fun, odd, experimental, ambient, electronic, and freaky than most. lead by EDWARD KA-SPEL, and comprising half of Tear Garden along with half of Skinny Puppy.
Meat Beat Manifesto: Jack Dangers' electronic audio jihad. - Negative Charge
Music style: Industrial, Electronic, Experimental, IDM, Noisecore Musical influences: Aphex Twin, Autechre, Chemlab, Coil, Download, FSOL, haujobb, Mentallo & the Fixer, NIN, Numb, Skinny Puppy, u-ziq Similar Artists: Autechre, Chemlab, Download, haujobb, Skinny Puppy Artist history: It all started back in 1995 when we began using data files as noise samples. - Zeeza
Music style: alternative,blues,folk,country,jazz,rock Musical influences: Kate Bush,Patsy Cline,Jewel,Joni Mitchel,Ella Fitzgerald,Timbuk3,The Cramberries,Concrete Blond,Elvis Presley,Hank Williams,Black Sabath,Beatles,Rolling Stones,James Taylor,Carole King,Nine Inche Nails,Corrosion of Comformity,Metalica,Marjo,Robert Charlebois,Sex Pistlols,Blondie,Cream,Bob Marley,Neil Young,Janis Joplin,Jimmy Hendrix,Alice Couper,Marilyn Monroe, Similar Artists: Maria Muldaur,Tori Amos,Kate Bush,Patsy Cline,Jewel,Joni Mitchel,Heather Nova,Ella Fitzgerald,Alanis Morisette,Timbuk3,The Cramberries,Marjo,Edith Piaff,Patti Smith,Joan Osborn,Alanis Morisette,Jewel
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Cave Inn
The Cave Inn distributes information regarding the bands Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party, and other related groups and individuals.
Official EKZ homepage
Mad crazy/schizophrenic experimental electronic trance/drumnbass Impulse Tracker EKZ, aka Pete Lesko, with original music for download.
Planet Gong - The official cyber-home of Gong, GAS and Gliss.
Welcome gnome-friends, pixie-pals, lunar lovers and watchers of the skies everywhere to the Planet Gong. Whether you have only just discovered us or have been tuning into transmissions of the luminous green planet for many years, welcome.
Allow us to introduce Mutato Muzika, and it's owner, Mark Mothersbaugh. You may recall Mark as the lead singer of publicly admired recording artists DEVO. With the same verve and wit he used to propel the DEVO phenomenon, he now creates soundtracks and sound effects for popular feature films, television, commercials, and interactive multimedia experiences. In fact, a surprising amount of the music you hum on your way to the factory or on dates was penned and produced by Mark and his minions of Mutatites. Now, the wonders of this technical age allow you to examine Mutato Muzika's vast array of compelling aural endeavors. Please rest assured in knowing that every effort is being concerted to satisfy your need for quality info-tainment. Any instabilities you may encounter during your stay at the Mutato Muzika World Wide Web Site are temporary. Thank you and enjoy your visit to the Mutato Muzika World Wide Web Site.
Rosy Jack World - The Official Frogs Website
These are the finest queen boys I've ever seen. I even prefer them to my regular brand of sheep. The MOST musically and lyrically talented militant gay supremacist band on the planet. So funny it's sick. So sick, it's funny.
Sunday Munich
indie trip-hop meets goth that actually WORKS, very smoothly in fact. dark and bassy with beautiful vocals, really worth the minute to download a demo MP3, and u can go right ahead and order a CD from the same (very nifty, FLASHy) site.
Thee Mystica Colonica
futuristic, original experimental-electronic-psychidelic-industrial- techno-jungle-gothic-underground- ambient-trance-hip/triphop like music (MOD, MP3) materialized from another world, defying terrestrial explaination.
The Enigma Archives
The front cover for The Enigma Archives site which discusses Enigma and Enigma-related artists. It has the backing of artists, managers, and record labels.
Thee Psychic Enema's Sonic Assault Force
Psychic Enema (the band)'s suppository of aural hollucinations, subliminal brain-unwashing, and other experiMENTAL assaults on musical sanity free for download.
The Specials - Official Homepage
The - Official Hompepage of British ska legends The Specials. History, lyrics, MP3, merchandise
The Tool Page
this is a "semi-official" source of information. tool lyrics, music, artwork and the band.
We can't be silent, `cause they might be giants, and what are we gonna do unless they are? everything you'd ever want to know or have, all wrapped up in one of the most amusing sites ever assembled. Bravo!
TMBG: They Might Be Giants (Unofficially)
Not nearly as pretty or entertaining, but way more info.
Total Devotion
Underground, indy 80's style electronic band. Wonderful combination of retro and progressve sounds. Reminds me of a combination of Depeche Mode, Meat Beat Manifesto, maybe some EBN, but Nine Inch Nails is a stretch, but for some of Reznor's early stuff. This is a good thing, there is nothing really like this. Newer material is stripping down the electronic cutting edge, and features some hardcore psychotronic remixes by experimental tracker Mystica Colonica (aka Miles Gannett)
to venus and back /
Thee goddess of the piano, with her heart-wrenching voice, intense keyboard pounding, and shockingly personal lyrics, she will rip your heart out and make you cry.
ultraworld: the official orb web site
ultraworld is the official web site for ambient pioneers the orb. within you'll find extensive archives and up-to-date news about the bands adventures beyond...
Wendy Carlos HomePage
Wendy Carlos is one of the most important composers living today. While primarily connected to the fields of electronic music, sound design, and alternate tunings, her compositions transcend these genres. one of the EARLIEST electronic music pioneers, she synthesised most of the soundtrack to Stanley Kubrick's Clockwork Orange.


Dreamtime: A Didjeridu Resource
The objective of this site is to serve the interests of the growing population of didjeridu players around the net world.
Indigenous Creations
We are an Australian company working with aboriginal people and specialising in the sale and distribution of musical-quality didgeridoos, whether you are interested in our regular stock or the rare collector's items. Discounts are available for wholesale purchases and we regularly send overseas.
Tanais' Didjeridu Page
The presence of aborigines in Australia for more than 40,000 years makes their's the oldest continuous culture in the world. Cave paintings depict spirits dancing to the music of song - man accompanied by a didjeridoo suggests that it's at least 20,000 years old. One story told by a Gunninggur elder tells of a man collecting firewood. He was about to put a log on the fire when he noticed there were still termites in it. He didn't want to burn them, so he put the log to his mouth and blew... Termites flew out of the log and into the sky, where they became the stars of the milky way... for the first time the sound of the didjeridu was heard on earth.
The Physics of the Didjeridu
From the physicists perspective the didjeridu is an excellent example of an instrument that depends on the standing waves of a cylindrical tube closed at one end.
To Didgeridoo or not Didjeridu, thats the question
The most interesting Aboriginal musical instrument is the didjeridu. It was only known to the tribes of Eastern Kimberly and the northern third of the Northern Territory. The instrument is an unstopped hollowed piece of bamboo or termite-hollowed wood, usually the latter, about four or five feet long, and two or more inches in internal diameter, with a mouth-piece made of wax or hardened gum. The player blows into the instrument in trumpet fashion.


Alternative rock label Fowl Records is the official home of Jimmie's Chicken Shack
Alternative rock label Fowl Records is the official home of Jimmie's Chicken Shack, offering MP3 and Real Audio tracks of about twenty Maryland bands.
Alternative Tentacles
whacked out / punk rock music from the underground, including the Dead Kennedys, Jello Biafra, and the man who single-handedly whupped Batman's ass, Wesley Willice himself!
The Leading Garage and Psychedelic Record Label Since 1982.
cytopastik Productions, Inc. Ltd.
Cutting edge experimental psycho=spiritual electronic music for the freak of the future.
ESD -- East Side Digital
East Side Digital was one of the first compact disc distributors in the USA in the early 80s, and started issuing its own CDs a few years later. Now distributed by Rykodisc, ESD concentrates on select 'progressive' music works, characterized by prodigious musicianship, shifting time signatures, and creative approaches.
Liquid sky liquid sky liquid sky drum and bass drum and bass drum and bass drum ‘n’ bass drum ‘n’ bass drum ‘n’ bass techno techno techno electronica electronica electronica dj dj dj dj dj dj wally soul slinger ming & fs 3D & Snuggles 4E Afrika Bambaataa Alien Mind American Space Travelers DJ Ani Arto Lindsay Ben Neill DJ Beau Blunderground Massive The Bronx Warrior Byzar DJ Darkstar del Mar DJ Doomer Drunken Hoodlumz Emerald Cricket Elijah Flussige Luft Freight Elevator Quartet A Guy Called Gerald G-man inna most I-Cue Jammin' Unit J. Burger Jason Jinx Khan Kingsize Look Jerk Sound System Lux Marshall H Ming & FS n2o Odi Pierrot Premier DJ Quest and Budda Recloose Rock Stone Foundation Scissor Hands The Shooter DJ Spooky Sub Dub DJ Swingsett T.C. Izlam The River of Action Thomas Thorn Time Line T-Power UMO Vermona Dr. Walker WE DJ X-Plorer Yab Yum 1.8.7 187 1.8.7. yellow note tube dj silver dj silver stoned ranger this is jungle sky Ethiopia Abducted/Jungle Bossanova
:: monotonik + friends
Online MP3 electronica label. : The official home of Ninja Tune, Coldcut, Solid Steel, Big Dada and Ntone
Pipe, the home of Ninja Tune, Coldcut, Ntone, Big Dada and various and hardcore flip-flop to mess with your mind .... just look at it!
Round Flat Records - Your Source For Punk, Alternative, Metal, Industrial, Gothic, Garage, Ska And Everything Inbetween
Your source for underground music on the net. Online store 9000 artists of punk music, ska, alternative music, industrial, heavy metal, indie rock, surf plus Punk mp3, compact discs, record labels
Self Abuse Records
This is the home of Self Abuse Records. Releasing recordings and doing mail order for high quality much sought after Noise, Experimental, Ambient, and Atmospheric releases from a wide variety of artists and labels.
sourdough records online
indie alt rock, mainstream rock, contemporary jazz, and inspirational gospel.
TVT Records Home Page
Adam X, Autechre, EBN, Gravity Kills, KLF, KMFDM, Laibach, Ministry, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Nine Inch Nails, Underworld, etc.


Aminet Amiga Archive, directory mods/jungl
more OLD skool jungle than you could shake a REALLY big, pointed stick at! veritable TONS of other MODs, dating way back into those original Amiga dayz, MOD and jungle fans, DO NOT MISS!
dA jOiNtMeN WeBsiTe
old skool tracking crew, including favored junglists Sheffra and Vox.
Index of
just some good old MODs i have lying around...
Large, Juicy, Experimental Electronic Fractal Cat IT format MODs (music) for Download Page (with 23 times more skuzzy bits than most leading brands!)
A decent mish-mash of experimental, underground, psychedelic, ambient, trance, industrial, gothic, jungle, hip-hop, trip-hop, and/or techno style downloadable, free, original music by Fractal Cat (aka Milez) in IT MODule format
Thuroughly decent windows MOD player (WAY better than WinAmp, which plays mods with a chainsaw) quite customizable and playlist enabled, plays all formats including IT, and also available as a net browser plug-in for true MOD/web site intigration.
Official EKZ homepage
Mad crazy/schizophrenic experimental electronic trance/drumnbass Impulse Tracker EKZ, aka Pete Lesko, with original music for download.
st-00 - .MODs in memoriam
.MODs In Memoriam is a webpage dedicated to the best composers and .MOD tunes on the Commodore Amiga demo and music scene, 1988-1998. For those that didn't know, this scene was a worldwide, pre-Internet underground phenomenon in which people made and swapped music .MODs and demo .EXEs with each other, either by floppy disc or BBSes. It was a truly special time. Here's some continuing picks for some of the best .MOD music made back then..
The Mod Archive!
The best MOD Archive on the Web! Currently over 400 megs of MOD, S3M, XM, IT, MTM, 669 and STM files and growing rapidly. Upload your favorite MODs using HTTP upload. All MODs screened for quality. Vote on your favorite MODs and more!
The OFFICIAL Cubic Player Homepage
one of the oldest, and still the best, MOD players. still lovely DOS, though i hear a win version's on the horizon...
The Official Impulse Tracker Page
Impulse Tracker is a revolutionary new music tracker under development in South Australia by Jeffrey Lim (Pulse/PoP). It is quite similar to the popular Scream Tracker by Future Crew, and is therefore quite easy to learn. In fact, if you're already experienced in Scream Tracker, then the switch to Impulse Tracker can happen in a matter of minutes!
Welcome on Thrax - on a daily updated music resource. We'll try to keep you informed about the latest news from the computer music scene. If you like music and if you've ever dreamed about your own song, then this is the right place for you. With your computer and this site, you will be able to create your own sounds, compose your own songs and maybe become a famous musician. This project will load you with all the needed software for the music composing, sound editing and tracking. If you are into the computer music scene, then we are sure that you will be amazed how many programs are waiting for you - all with the detailed comments and reviews. If you are not yet into the computer music scene, then we are sure that after a few minutes of browsing through this site, you will just can't wait to try to compose a piece of music. Enjoy your stay!


gnutella: Welcome to gnutella
Gnutella is a real-time search, peer-based file-sharing client that allows a user running a Gnutella client to search for and download files from other Gnutella users. Gnutella was originally conceived, authored and released by Justin Frankel and Tom Pepper of Nullsoft in March 2000.
LAME LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
LAME is the source code for a fully GPL'd MP3 encoder, with speed and quality to rival all commercial competitors.
mIRC-X - The ultimate mIRC and MP3 search resource!
straightforward web/FTP MP3 search engine on the classic BOX network.
(Skins !!! || The W.A.c || Ì Ì - - ------By CRISKNiFE)
Winamp skins.
SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Engine, Interactive MP3 and Generative Music Homesite. Free MP3 Samples, too!
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